Based on its experience and observation of the changing market, 4cv has decided to introduce two electronic equipment brands, i.e. SmartGPS and Rider. After a short period, these brands became leaders in the category of car truck navigation and video recorders. Currently, they are available in all specialist networks in Poland, including Media Markt, Saturn, Media Expert, RTVEuroAGD, NeoNet, X-kom, etc.

Own brands

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Global producers

Years of experience, learning about the specifics of the electronic market and customer expectations have resulted in the cooperation between 4cv and well-known brands, such as: Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony, HUAWEI, Microsoft and HTC. 4cv is also the sole distributor and importer of consumer electronics by the Japanese brand Kawasaki in Poland, offering professional electric skateboards, surfboards, bicycles and scooters to clients. In addition to its own brands, 4cv also offers navigation by the renowned German producer Becker for passenger cars, trucks and motorcycles as its exclusive distributor in Poland.


All products are available in 4cv’s internet stores:,, and